Video & Graphic Design

MEJO 121: Video Montage Assignment

This project was an assignment for my Digital Storytelling class, MEJO 121. For the project, we were tasked with making a short montage video of a location of our choosing, utilizing a variety of shot angles and zooms. I chose to make a montage of Fearrington Village, a cozy neighborhood between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro with many beautiful areas and sights.

MEJO 182: Graphic Design Projects

This was one of the first assignments for my MEJO 182: Graphic Design class. For this assignment, we were given a blank tracing of the fish and tasked with colorizing it and creating a background. This project was done all in Adobe Illustrator.

The assignment for this piece was to create an infographic for any subject of our choosing. I decided to create an infographic about tea, a subject I have a lot of interest and experience in. This piece was designed using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

This project was my favorite that I’ve ever done, and one that I think pushed me the most outside of my comfort zone. The assignment was to make a poster for anything we wanted, and I chose to make one for the book The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. The woman was drawn in ProCreate, and shadows and text were added in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Our final project for the class was to create 3 pages of a magazine featuring something we love about UNC. I chose to create a feature magazine called “Student-Made Weekly,” which would theoretically be run by the general Student-Made organization and feature different campuses each week. This project featured UNC’s Student-Made group, which I am a creator with. The project was done using Illustrator and InDesign.